Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Attorney Jason G. Beardsley has the knowledge and experience to assist a wide range of clients with their estate planning needs, such as:

• Wills
• Trusts
• "Financial" powers of attorney
• Health care powers of attorney/living wills
• Charitable giving
• Lifetime giving programs
• Retirement planning
• Minimizing probate costs
• Guardianship
• Planning for children’s and grandchildren’s education
• Business succession planning

Attorney Beardsley crafts each client’s estate plan to meet his or her particular needs and desires.

To learn about those needs and desires, Attorney Beardsley listens carefully to his clients and responds to them quickly. If you wish to contact Attorney Beardsley, please call 570-278-2227.

Estate/Trust/Guardianship Litigation/Will Contests

Attorney Beardsley handles all forms of estate/trust/and guardianship litigation. Sometimes litigation in these areas is caused by poor estate planning, other times it is caused simply by raw hate between family members. Regardless of the cause, these types of litigation can be extremely costly, both from an emotional and financial standpoint.

Attorney Beardsley is on your side to achieve the maximum result possible whether that means arriving at a settlement that makes sense from an economical standpoint or aggressively litigating the matter through the courts when a settlement cannot or will not be reached.