Very dependable, and knowledgeable of the law

Posted by Evelyn
November 9, 2015

Jason is a team player if you are truthful and don't play games with him. He is trustworthy and does represent the best interest of his clients. He can only work with what he is given by the client. He is a fighter and knows his work, if he is unsure he researches the facts. I feel he is one the most honest attorney's I have worked with. I recommend him highly.

Hardworking and dependable

Posted by a client
September 2, 2015

I went to Jason to file a criminal matter this past summer. He was very attentive to the specific needs of my issue. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Although, at times it was difficult to get a hold of him he always made sure to get back to me either later in the evening or the next day. He also gave me his cell phone number so I can could call him after hours if I had any questions. He was very dependable and aggressive when it came time for trial. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to deal with any criminal matter.

Really cares about the client and the outcome

Posted by a client
July 15, 2015

I am from Lackawanna County and got referred to Attorney Beardsley through a friend. I was seeking a divorce from my husband due to infidelity. The Lackawanna County attorneys either didn't want to take my case because I didn't have any upfront money or never returned my phone calls. Attorney Beardsley was quick to answer my calls and seemed very knowledgeable with the proceedings of the case. I was also allowed to make payments which helped me out greatly. I would highly recommend him for any type of legal action.


Posted by Kyle
May 5, 2015

I retained Jason after i was unable to get in touch with the lawyer that I normally use. I got in a dispute with my wife and I was charged with Aggravated Assault (a felony), Terroristic Threats, and Simple assault. My wife made up some serious allegations against me that I had pointed a gun at her, that I had knocked her head through a wall, and that I had threatened to kill her. My bail was set at $500.000 and I was taken to jail. Within forty eight hours Jason had my bail reduced and I was able to be released from jail. The following Tuesday I had my preliminary hearing and Jason was able to negotiate a deal that resolved all my charges with a disorderly conduct. Before Jason became involved in the case, I was facing serious Jail time, he got me a deal where I got probation and will have a minimal impact on my future. He really came through for me. I would highly recommend him for any criminal charges that you may be facing.

No Nonsense! You get what you pay for-THE BEST!

Posted by a Criminal Defense client
March 3, 2014

We hired Jason for our son's criminal case. We went to several other attorneys and did not feel comfortable. Jason made us feel at ease and listened. We hired him. It was no nonsense. He didn't jerk us around and told us the truth. You might not hear what you want but at least you get the truth. He argued with the DA and the charges were dismissed at the preliminary hearing stage. My son was released from the county jail (as he should have) and life goes on. He wasn't cheap but we got what we paid for.

Very trustworthy, keeps client up to date, highly recommend.

Posted by Chris
February 28, 2014

Jason is well worth the phone call. He is very proficient in his legal knowledge, as well as keeping clients up to date on their respective cases. He works for the best interest of his clients, and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing criminal/civil situations.

Great to Work With!

Posted by David
December 1, 2013

Jason Beardsley is by far the best attorney that I have ever hired here in North East PA. Jason is upfront and honest. He will take the time to fully understand and research your problem. If you’re looking for a top level competent attorney that will treat you fairly look no further.

Atty Beardsley teview

Posted by a Criminal Defense client
November 30, 2013

Jason is one of the best attorneys that I have used. He is very knowledgable, is well prepared, and will give 100% of his time and effort fighting for you.

The best lawyer in town

Posted by Will
November 22, 2013

Jason was great to work with. He made time to meet with me immediately, and showed me that he was willing to do whatever it would take to resolve the matter at hand. Very knowledgable, friendly, organized and precise. He did exactly what he said he was going to and kept me updated thruout the whole process. It was a result of a negative situation that I found Jason but on the positive side I now feel tht I have a lawyer and a friend that I can turn to for a wide aray of leagle advice.

Jason is a valuable asset to his profession

Posted by a client
October 20, 2013

..Jason is a extremely intelligent, caring person that takes time to listen. Jason has the upmost respect for the law, his clients and justice-a winning combination.

Best in town!!!

Posted by Eric
October 12, 2013

Jason was very persistent and very professional. He fought hard to get the outcome i desired and wouldn't take no for an answer! One of the best things was his price, lowest cost in town! Grade A lawyer and one heck of a guy!