Criminal Law

Criminal Law

A Trusted Criminal Lawyer in Montrose and Tunkhannock, PA
& All NEPA, Including Susquehanna, Lackawanna, Wyoming, Wayne, & Bradford Counties.

The Defense of your liberty when everything is at stake is not for the faint of heart, or for the weekend warrior criminal defense attorney. Beardsley Law, PLLC has handled numerous criminal cases ranging from traffic tickets to murder from conclusion to end in the Courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our society is one that unfortunately rushes to judgment and presumes the guilt of individuals charged with crimes-in violation of every important principle that this great nation was founded on. It is, therefore, extremely important to choose an aggressive, experienced attorneys, such as Beardsley Law, PLLC, to mount a passionate, vigorous defense if you find yourself charged with any one of the following crime(s):

•Driving Under the Influence;
•Traffic Offenses;
•Rape, Indecent Assault, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Corruption of Minors, Child Pornography/All types of Sexual Offenses;
•Appeals/Post Conviction Relief Act Petitions;
•Harassment/Disorderly Conduct/Simple Assault/Aggravated Assault;
•Juvenile Crimes;
•Murder/Criminal Homicide/Homicide by Motor Vehicle;
•Theft Based Crimes, including but not limited to theft by unlawful taking and Burglary; and
•Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance/All types of drug related offenses.

Beardsley Law, PLLC handles all types of criminal cases in the State and Federal Courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Call him today for a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION in Montrose or Tunkhannock, PA regarding your case or potential case.

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